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Our Guiding Principles

We are passionate about taking proactive steps to address the problems of sexual and domestic violence and to advocate for services.  We believe in the power of education to prevent sexual and domestic violence.

We receive each client's situation with understanding, respect and empathy.  We value accessibility to services for every person who needs them.


We utilize all available resources, both within our agency and in the community.  We value our relationships with all community members, understanding that a county-wide effort is essential to ending violence.


We acknowledge and support the difficult work done by our staff.  We value the generous and unique contributions of our volunteers.  We are accountable to our funders, donors and community partners.

AdobeStock_134783281_Our Mission_sm.jpg
AdobeStock_134783281_Our Mission_sm.jpg


To prevent sexual and domestic violence, provide services to those affected, and create community awareness for support and resources.


Empowering a community that seeks freedom from sexual and domestic violence

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