Domestic Violence
Sexual Violence

Hanover Safe Place offers the following services to victims of domestic & sexual violence.

Hotline Services: 24 hour, 7 day a week confidential hotline provides crisis intervention, safety planning and support for adult and children survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and teen dating violence, as well as friends and family.

Safety Planning: This is used to develop a personalized plan that clients can use to help keep themselves and their children safe, regardless of whether the client decides to stay in or leave the abusive situation.

Emergency Shelter: In a hotel for up to 3 nights for clients and their children. This service is for Hanover County/Town of Ashland residents only, who meet the guidelines for "imminent danger.” Staff will work with clients to plan for short-term and/or long-term housing or shelter upon leaving the safe hotel.

Residential Emergency Shelter: In a confidential location available to safely shelter individuals and families for a limited number of weeks at a time.

Case Management: Supportive advocacy available for community clients. Gives clients the opportunity to talk about a situation with an advocate and receive education on domestic violence and/or sexual assault and guidance to achieve their personal goals.

Court Advocacy: For victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in obtaining protective orders and in criminal and some civil matters.

Regional Hospital Accompaniment Response Team: RHART offers supportive services and advocacy to those presenting with domestic or sexual violence at 5 area hospitals.

Individual Counseling:  Counseling services at Hanover Safe Place are designed to allow an individual to process the trauma he or she has experienced, cope through the feelings surrounding the trauma, and establish goals for moving forward.

Emergency Cell Phones: May be provided to clients who do not have access to a phone and feel threatened by their perpetrator, or to those who are being stalked and need access to a phone in their car or while out in the community. These phones are also provided to clients through the RHART system. These phones will only access 911.

Support Groups: Meet weekly for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Please call for more information.

Children’s Prevention Group: For children who have witnessed domestic violence. This group meets at the same time as the adult domestic violence group.

Educational and Prevention Programs: Address the issues of domestic violence, dating violence and sexual assault presented to all age groups, including youth, community service providers, organizations and concerned citizens.

Information and Referral Services: Provided to connect clients with resources in the community. This may include out of the area shelter, protective orders, legal aid, physical or mental health services, housing and/or financial assistance, spiritual counseling, substance abuse services, job training and many other services.

Classes and Workshops on Dating Violence: For middle, high school and college students, and parents, to learn about the signs of dating violence and what they can do to stop it.

Food Pantry: For shelter and community clients. We have a small selection of canned and nonperishable foods for shelter and community clients accessing other services.


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