Hanover Safe Place could not provide the services to victims of domestic and sexual violence without our dedicated, supportive donors!
Cheers to HSP! 2016
Joe O'Connor Sarah Sealand Renee Snell Sheree Hedrick
Rebekah Nyalko Morgan Howell Patricia Duvall Taylor Garrett
Taylor Ryan Karen Hanley Michele Little Doug Goodman
Brenda Clarkson Karen Burruss Tamra Bardwell Evelyn Henson
Kristy Porterfield Stacie Francis Sarah Huggins Patty Hall
Emma Ndegwa Kerry Clarke Shannon Rogers-Quick Randy Power
Steve Rue Anne McDougall Leigh League Stephanie Michalowicz
Bob DeLille Alisa Wilson Casey Bryant Cathy Do
Mary Lou Warman Addison Hall    Barbara Land Cecelia Thomas      
Abby Manley Jane Yancey Brittany Patonetz Theresa Francis
Jessica Bell Andrea Brown Joe Mondejar Shirnell Lewis
Denondra Jackson Julia Gunderson Suzanne Strichman Elsie Rose
Lee Ann Herndon Claudia Stallings Sea Rogers Thomas Hennessy

Johnathan Jester Heather Hable


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